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Productive weekend!

It has been a productive weekend! Jon and I unloaded the latest delivery of hive parts and assembled all the boxes. The painting has now begun but is time consuming considering we have 60 to do, add to this 20 roofs and floors and it is quite a job.I'll be spendng all Tuesday at the farm so should be able to get a further chunk done before packing them away until needed. Some people have asked me about what the hives are made of. I now only use polystyrene hives as I think they carry so many advantages, Firstly they are very light yet a great deal stronger than you might think, they are made of dense polystyrene which is nothing like what you might see in packaging. Secondly they are easy to construct requiring no glue or nails, they simply slot together. Lastly and most importantly for the bees, they are fabulous insulators, allowing the bees to keep them at a stable temperature in the heat of the Summer and retain warmth in the Winter.

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