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The secret to our delicious honey is the incredible forage available to all our bees around East London. Forage is the plants and flowers from which bees and other pollinating insects get their food: pollen and nectar, so it is important that suitable flowers are available throughout the year. Our hives are situated in various locations around East London, particularly around Waltham Forest. Waltham Forest is surprisingly green for a London borough and Epping Forest, Wanstead Flats, Chingford Plains and Walthamstow and Leyton Marshes surround us. Additionally around towns and cities we plant a vast array of flowers which bloom throughout Spring, Summer and even into Autumn. As our bees will travel up to 3 miles or more to find good sources of nectar the combinations of wild flowers and those planted in gardens results in a delicate yet delicious blend of honeys. 



We also feel it is important to invest in the local environment in which the bees live. For this reason we run sustainable hives in the middle of Walthamstow where we sponsor the local residents association with donations going towards planting more bee friendly flowers in the area. We are also commited to 'sharing' the bees with local people, organising trips down to the apiary and talks about the bees. 



Finally, we do not pasteurise our honey so no goodness is lost and the wonderful flavours remain locked in and unchanged. By buying our honey you are helping British bees and reducing food miles. Please have a look at our products page and get in touch should you be interested in buying privately or for retail.We currently produce two types of honey runny and softset (a delicious thick and creamy honey) . All our honey is RAW and LOCAL, straight from hive to jar within days.





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