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Our Stansted Honey

Alongside our London hives we also have colonies of bees near to Stansted in Essex. These bees can be found on a farm, nestled on the edge of woodland which they share with a family of badgers and numerous deer. We work closely with the farmer during the year to ensure that there are plenty of pollinator friendly flowers planted throughout the site. We also use this location as our breeding and mating apiary for new colonies or queens.  


Through the year we produce a variety of honey flavours as different plants come into flower. In early Spring there are an abundance of tree blossoms within easy reach of our bees before Summer sees wildflowers and Clover alongside crops such as Borage and Phacelia. All of these flowers contribute to exceptionally rich and tasty raw honey from the Essex countryside.   


Winter time at Stansted apiary
Spring brings tree blossoms
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